Comment 22 for bug 123773

Juuso Tähkäpää (jupet) wrote :

I happened to upgrade my firewall+webserver and now the firewall part is bust...

in Feisty I used to bring up my external ip-addresses using commands like

dhcpcd -I someid eth0:1
dhcpcd -I someotherid eth0:2

but after upgrading to Gutsy today an to Hardy shortly after I found out dhcp stopped working in the previous upgrade, dhcpcd, ifup with dhcp or dhclient can't any more do anything to eth0:*. I get

SIOCSIFFLAGS: Cannot assign requested address

and similar error messages. Removing wireless-tools has no effect.


If I do the following:

sudo ifconfig eth0:1
dhcpcd -I someid eth0:1

I get

dhcpcd -I someid eth0:1

as I normally should, but still ifconfig shows no eth0:1. Manually assigned aliases (ifconfig eth0:2 $ip) do show up in ifconfig listings just as they should.

So, something is broken in the two newest releases. No apparent reason why dhcp:ing aliases shouldn't work any more.