Comment 30 for bug 1061639

René Sitt (crucifier) wrote :

Hello all,

I experienced this bug now for quite a while, since upgrading to Quantal (64bit) to be exact, and while trying some of the above suggestions, I observed the following:

Until shortly, I got it fixed by following yota's advice (#21).
Then, after a kernel update to 3.5.0-22 (from 3.5.0-21, I think), the bug began reappearing, despite the workarounds.
Now yesterday, I updated to kernel 3.5.0-23 (from Quantal-Proposed), and it's working again...

From looking at the changesets, I really don't have a clue where the reappearing/disappearing of this bug comes from, yet I hope someone more adept may be able to work it out.