Comment 17 for bug 1015199

Ewen McNeill (ewen) wrote :

FTR, system did boot to working network interfaces with the above configuration (including pre-up/sleep lines). I'm not sure if there were warnings issued as the default Ubuntu last action on boot is to clear all boot messages in favour of displaying the login prompt at the top of the screen :-( (/var/log/boot.log contains no messages other than "starting ..." lines.)

FWIW, it seems to me that "ifup bond0" should do the enslaving immediately of any bond-slave interfaces that actually already exist; leaving (and maybe waiting for at least one of ) any others that don't currently exist to appear and auto-config later on. That should work both with races on discover on first boot, and through ifdown/ifup bond0 cycle later on (when the slave interfaces most likely still exist, even though they've been disabled by the ifdown bond0).