Activity log for bug #1171506

Date Who What changed Old value New value Message
2013-04-22 15:18:33 Christian Reis bug added bug
2013-04-22 15:20:06 Christian Reis attachment added ICEDTEAPLUGIN_DEBUG=true chromium generated log file
2013-04-22 15:46:46 Christian Reis attachment added Log file, this time working.
2013-04-22 21:52:06 Jamie Strandboge summary Unable to run java test applet in chromium, some applets not working in firefox Unable to find class with icedtea-7-plugin on 12.04
2013-04-22 21:52:11 Jamie Strandboge icedtea-web (Ubuntu): status New Confirmed
2013-04-22 22:02:58 Jamie Strandboge nominated for series Ubuntu Precise
2013-04-22 22:02:58 Jamie Strandboge bug task added icedtea-web (Ubuntu Precise)
2013-04-22 22:04:08 Jamie Strandboge icedtea-web (Ubuntu Precise): status New Confirmed
2013-04-22 22:04:14 Jamie Strandboge icedtea-web (Ubuntu): status Confirmed Invalid
2013-04-22 22:07:30 Jamie Strandboge icedtea-web (Ubuntu Precise): status Confirmed Triaged
2013-04-22 22:07:35 Jamie Strandboge icedtea-web (Ubuntu Precise): importance Undecided Medium
2013-04-22 22:07:38 Jamie Strandboge icedtea-web (Ubuntu Precise): assignee Jamie Strandboge (jdstrand)
2013-04-22 22:16:50 Jamie Strandboge bug added subscriber Ubuntu Security Team
2013-04-22 22:17:51 Jamie Strandboge icedtea-web (Ubuntu Precise): status Triaged In Progress
2013-04-23 14:49:21 Jamie Strandboge icedtea-web (Ubuntu Precise): status In Progress Fix Committed
2013-04-23 21:59:17 Launchpad Janitor icedtea-web (Ubuntu Precise): status Fix Committed Fix Released
2013-04-23 21:59:22 Launchpad Janitor icedtea-web (Ubuntu): status Invalid Fix Released
2013-04-23 22:22:33 Launchpad Janitor branch linked lp:ubuntu/oneiric-security/icedtea-web
2013-04-23 22:22:34 Launchpad Janitor branch linked lp:ubuntu/precise-security/icedtea-web