Comment 60 for bug 431091

Erik Trimble (trims-netdemons) wrote :

I'm trying not to be rude, but that's simply not an acceptable response.

Pulling in the old ia32-libs package for OEM projects might be OK with Cannonical, but it certainly doesn't fix the larger issue with the Lucid and Karmic releases, which affects everyone else.

I can see not fixing this in Karmic, as it's already obsolete. But Lucid is a LTS release, and, as such, SHOULD GET FIXED. Forcing users to use an older release package (with the attendant hackishness thereof) defeats the goals of Ubuntu, and, also introduces it's own problems. The Community simply isn't ready to let go of that library yet (for the reasons I outlined above).

You've got two choices: respin the ia32-libs pacakge to include libstdc++5 (likely using the exisiting debian package as the starting point), or create a whole new package with just the libstdc++5 in it, leaving the existing Lucid ia32-libs package alone. In both cases, the package needs to be available in the LUCID repos.

Until this is fixed, Lucid is a definite do-not-use for anyone doing server work. And it's hard to recommend for desktops, too, since it breaks quite a bit of the existing infrastructure.