Comment 3 for bug 598902

The PPD for the HP Color LaserJet 2605 in PostScript mode is broken. This is an upstream bug of HPLIP as this PPD is shipped with HPLIP. Moving to HPLIP and adding upstream task on HPLIP ...

Problems are the following:

1. The group HPImagingOptions (Image Quality) does not contain any option (*OpenUI: ... *CloseUI:). Groups in PPDs are only for UI options, empty group definitions or group definitions which bracket only non-UI stuff have to be removed.

2. In the "Color options" group there are different options which have the same UI string, so these options appear with the same name in printing and printer setup dialogs. There should never be two or more options with the same UI string in any language. Also no options should have two or more choices with the same UI string.

This seems not to break Adobe compliance and so cupstestppd does not complain about these problems, but it need to get fixed to not get such confusing user interfaces.