Comment 14 for bug 364127

Dimitrios Psychogios (jinxos) wrote :

Got this on a R51, upgraded from Intrepid. the Volume buttons worked ok, but now they do not generate ACPI events any more. I'm thinking this is a ibm-acpi bug. The other hotkeys generate the correct events and are handled as usual.

jinxos@xeist:~$ cat /var/lib/acpi-support/*-*
1VET71WW (1.29 )

ThinkPad R51

jinxos@xeist:/var/lib/acpi-support$ cat /proc/acpi/ibm/driver
driver: ThinkPad ACPI Extras
version: 0.21

jinxos@xeist:/var/lib/acpi-support$ cat /proc/acpi/ibm/volume
level: 10
mute: off
commands: up, down, mute
commands: level <level> (<level> is 0-15)