time-controlled spindown with hdparm

Bug #1073137 reported by igelhorst5000 on 2012-10-30
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hdparm (Ubuntu)

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I'm using a fresh Xubuntu 12.10 AMD64 on Lenovo Thinkpad with HDD in Ultrabay. The Ultrabay drive should spindown with hdparm. But in cas of using "hdparm -S" it doesn't work. Only the manual way with "hdparm -y" works.
In Xubuntu 12.04 works correctly and some users can confirm that it works with Ubuntu 12.10.

look here:


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igelhorst5000 (rkaiser) wrote :

I don't know which package is the problem. On Ubuntu 12.10 it works on Xubuntu 12.10 it doesn't work!

affects: ubuntu → hdparm (Ubuntu)
Ismo Puustinen (ismo-puustinen) wrote :

I have the same problem, except that I'm running Ubuntu 12.10. The disk in question is Hitachi HDT721010SLA360 connected to ASUS P8H77-I motherboard. The disk goes to standby with hdparm -y , but hdparm -S 1 (or any other number I tried) has no effect. I have a feeling that this might be related to having the system configured in BIOS to AHCI mode instead of PATA, but I haven't examined that further.

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :

Status changed to 'Confirmed' because the bug affects multiple users.

Changed in hdparm (Ubuntu):
status: New → Confirmed
Rafał Ochmański (rmopl) wrote :
igelhorst5000 (rkaiser) wrote :

I think it is an other bug.
If the hdd is spindown manually, then start the hdd only by user-access.

Jens (c-jens) wrote :

I can confirm that!
On Xubuntu 12.04 hdparm time spindown was working but after the distributions update to xubuntu 12.10 no longer works.
hdparm -y /dev/sdx is still working. Than the hd only wake up when an user have access to the hd.

phoenix (phoenix-jobob) wrote :

confirmed regression after upgrading regular ubuntu to 12.10 (worked on 12.04 and earlier versions).
2TB WD Green (WDC_WD20EARS, different revisions) are affected.
An older 1TB Samsung F1 still spin's down by itself (only with additional -B 127 adjustment, like already in 12.04)

Marc Fasel (m-fasel) wrote :


WDC_WD20EARS also doesnt spindown here. Ubuntu 12.10 Server Edition

Peter (peterastre007) wrote :

same here with a Western Digital D2502ABYS-01B7A0 either in desktop and server edition of Ubuntu 12.10.

hdparm -y and hdparm -S 12 on the command line spins down the drive, but the entry in hdpram.conf does not. The entry is

/dev/disk/by-uuid/222C6A972C6A65AF {
        spindown_time = 12

Peter (peterastre007) wrote :

...sorry, of course I meant the entry in hdparm.conf (just a literal)

John Littleton (jelittleton) wrote :

I can confirm the same behavior for Ubuntu 12.10 AMD64 on an ASUS P8B75-V. My boot drive, sda, is an ssd.

The four mechanical drives run through a single pci/IDE interface.

 sda: OCZ-VERTEX4 (1.5) (ssd, not an issue)
 sdb: Seagate ST380011A
 sdc: Maxtor 6L020L1
 sdd: Maxtor 6E020L0
 sde: Hitachi HDS724040KLAT80

All mechanical drives spindown 60 seconds after signon, as configured in the 'Disks' gui (ver 3.6.1).
All mechanical drives reliably respond to 'sudo hdparm -S 12 /dev/sdb' (as do sdc,sdd,and sde).
All mechanical drives remain asleep until user or program access.

When NOT configured to spindown in 'Disks', all mechanical drives do not recognize/respond to commands in /etc/hdparm.conf:

 /dev/sdb {spindown_time=12}
 /dev/sdc {spindown_time=12}
 /dev/sdd {spindown_time=12}
 /dev/sde {spindown_time=12}

Also, after a suspend/resume powerdown, all mechanical drives no longer spindown again unless commanded to in terminal or the 'Disks' gui.

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