Comment 4 for bug 1848902

Paul Collins (pjdc) wrote :

To reproduce:

   apt install haproxy
   for x in {1..100}; do pkill -TERM -x haproxy ; sleep 0.1 ; done
   systemctl status haproxy

Observe that the unit has failed due to exit-code: "Active: failed (Result: exit-code)"

To test the fix:

Repeat the steps above with the fixed package installed.

Observe that although the unit may still have failed, it is not due to exit-code, e.g.: "Active: failed (Result: start-limit-hit)".

If you perform upgrade testing, note that simply installing the fixed package seems to revive haproxy without needing systemctl reset-failed haproxy. Confirm this by checking systemctl status haproxy for "Active: active (running)" after the upgrade.