Comment 3 for bug 195250

Ok, so the problem has been fixed in newer versions of the package only available in Hardy, right ?

AFAIK, this fix is present in upstream releases. (in 0.5.10.*, not in 0.5.9.*)

Do you want some kind of back-port of rules ?

Date: Sat Jan 21 22:08:22 2006 +0000
    Add HP_RECOVERY to list of volumes to ignore

Date: Sat Jul 21 22:27:25 2007 +0100
    add another dell recovery partition

Date: Sat Jul 21 10:43:15 2007 +0100
    add recovery partitions by other vendors

    After my recent blog post, I've got a long list of vendors
    recovery partitions. Add to the existing HP entry and add
    the other vendors. Trivial addition.