Comment 21 for bug 157775

ingo (ingo-steiner) wrote :

Great - CONGRATULATIONS to YOU - it works!!!

DVD now is mounted correctly by hal, so it is just timing.
What I now have to do is just find out the optimum timeout (suppose it is in 1/10 of a second) for my hardware.
Will play a bit with that and let you know.

One more question me came up when editing hald/hald_runner.h:
the comment to that line states, this timeout is for sane. But with my Scanner I do not have any problems. So should I keep those 2 values in hald/hald_runner.h and hald/util.h always the same, or may I set the value in hald/hald_runner.h back to 10000 to keep the scanner-settings as original?

Before I forget: many thanks for having the patience with me as a newbie and for teaching me a lot of Debian/Ubuntu internals!