Comment 16 for bug 153768

#man pmount

The mount will succeed if all of the following conditions are met:

       · device is a block device in /dev/

       · device is not in /etc/fstab (if it is, pmount executes mount device
         as the calling user to handle this transparently). See below for more

       · device is not already mounted according to /etc/mtab and /proc/mounts

       · if the mount point already exists, there is no device already mounted
         at it and the directory is empty

       · device is removable (USB, FireWire, or MMC device, or
         /sys/block/drive/removable is 1) or whitelisted in /etc/pmount.allow.

       · device is not locked

so i putted my device in /etc/pmount.allow,

which worked for /dev/sdXX, but unfortunately not for an entry in the form of /dev/disk/by-uuid/MY_LONG_UUID - which is a pity ...