Comment 23 for bug 415023

GemNEye (ubuntu-gemneye) wrote :

With a final release about 10-days away this would seem to be a major issue. Although several posters are offering "hack suggestions", I have not seen a post that is really addressing the bug. None of the other competing Operating Systems would be able survive the barrage of bad media this type of bug would generate. I am testing, the latest daily builds, of both Ubuntu Netbook Remix, and Kubuntu Netbook and these releases are far from "final release" form. This thread is really not the forum to get up on my soapbox, but it is aggravating to read all of these "hack" solutions. I really would like Ubuntu to gain more momentum, but when going head-to-head with competing OSes being released within 3-months of each other, Ubuntu is not putting is best face forward.