Comment 4 for bug 739368

The Diaspora* networks are in open alpha, and it appears that developers are working on an statusnet/twitter like api.

Because its licensed under aGPL, anyone can instantiate 'pods' (network nodes). Most of these federate. A user would have to choose both the Diaspora* service, and then in an "add accounts" menu, a pod, given by the domain name where that pod is hosted. There's a list of mostly public pods at the wiki on their github repo.

If this list could become a discovery service that gwibber could access, it could offer that list to users under the "add accounts" functionality, so a user could add the pod he belongs to, without needing to request gwibber developers to add a separate plugin for each particular pod.

I don't know how far along the developers are to specifying their interface / API, but it would be natural for them to work with you in doing so. Free software network user-agents should support free software network services. And vice versa. Thats what people living in the free world want. :) Why should Diaspora* be contemplating iPhone apps and Gwibber be contemplating G+? Well, I suppose there're some good reasons why.