Comment 38 for bug 595265

I finally got it to work on my laptop (17', 1440x900)...
I couldn't get the process of logging on facebook to work most likely because firefox wasn't the default browser (google-chrome was, and no matter what i did the 'Add' button could not be seen (neither on a 1920x1080 tv) ). I tried the browser stuff with both firefox and google-chrome, but untill i set firefox as the default browser it wouldn't work. So here are the steps that worked for me:

1- Launch firefox, set it as default browser
2- Went to using firefox, logged in using teonimesic
3- Opened Gwibber's Accounts, clicked on 'Add...' (on left side) selected facebook, clicked on 'Add' (on right side)
4- Authorized it with 'teonimesic'
5- The 'Add' button appeared, and i could save it.