Comment 28 for bug 554005

I can confirm Gwibber still unusably slow with high CPU use on 11.10 with Gwibber 3.2.1.

(OT OTT rant: In fact gwibber-service has made gwibber unusably slow ever since it was added to Ubuntu. Really, if it still this bad after over two years in the distribution is there any point persisting with trying to fix it? It's flaw seem pretty fundamentally 'baked into' the design. It's only virtue is telepathy integration, is there another Twitter client to which we can add that?

Gwibber doesn't even seem well maintained. It doesn't have any man pages or documentation (try clicking 'Get Help' on the 'Help' menu). It can't tell you its own command line options. It does have regular releases, but mostly rearranging deck chairs, nothing that addresses the fundamental performance problems and resulting unresponsive UI. The project site hasn't has a news/blog entry since 2010 ( The last launchpad annoucement was 2009 ( Really few of properties of a healthy open-source project.)