Comment 3 for bug 209520

Just seen that this problem occurs because of the switch to gvfs in nautilus.

gvfs-ls smb://server shows absolutely nothing. Even after mounting smb://server or smb://username@server. Same for gvfs-ls smb://username@server.

Browsing doesn't work in nautilus at all. Even when using kerberos mounting smb://server/share doesn't work. Only smb://username@server/share works.

After this is mounted gvfs-ls smb://username@server/share shows the proper directories. However in nautilus this doesn't work.

Browsing from "computer:" using the "share on server.mount" doesn't work with nautilus. Could be because the username isn't supplied in the mount file.

gvfs-mount -l shows "Mount(0): share on server -> smb://server/share" instead of smb://username@server/share. Not that I think username@ should be needed in this case, it's just plain stupid IMHO.