Comment 152 for bug 209520

Yes, it most certainly does effect Debian as well.

My desktop has this problem (Ubuntu Intrepid) and I cannot connect to my D-Link DNS-323 NAS unless I mount it manually from the command prompt. I did try all of the suggestions here. I can see the server, I can see the share, I get prompted for log in info, and then I see empty folder with the message about not being able to display contents of the share.

My Laptop, running Debian Etch worked fine until I did some apt-pinning to pull newer stuff in from Lenny & Sid. I ended up needing to pull Gnome in from Lenny. And now I'm having the same results - cant access the smb share unless mounted via command prompt.

For now, I'm watching and trying new things as they come up - until it's fixed I'm just using the ftp service on the DNS-323 (slightly inconvenient, but it works)