Samsung galaxy s2, unable to open MTP device

Bug #1159277 reported by Joeri Eilander on 2013-03-24
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gvfs (Ubuntu)

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see screenshot, i can open the folder, but everytime i connect my phone, it shows that message.

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Sebastien Bacher (seb128) wrote :

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Philip Langdale (langdalepl) wrote :

It has to do with how Samsung phones (at least of this generation) deal with being plugged in. They don't present a completely stable set of USB capabilities when initially connected, and while it eventually stablizes, the end result is that the mtp detector appears to see the phone appear twice - so the first time, it makes the connection and you see the window (which works fine), but the second time it 'appears', the connection attempt fails, unsurprisingly. Not sure what we can really do about it.

Screatch (screatch) wrote :

Philip, how about mitigating the alert message so it stops popping up.

Philip Langdale (langdalepl) wrote :

The alert is a function of nautilus and gnome-settings-daemon. The first shows the error and the second one decides whether to automount or not. Gvfs isn't really in a position to control how the detection events are responded to.

Disabling device automount is the simplest way to avoid it.

idovecer (igor-dovecer) wrote :

I get the same error but on Lubuntu 13.04 with Samsung Galaxy S i9000 and don't have nautilus installed.

Unable to open MTP device '[usb:001,003]'

Can I help with some additional informations?

Philip Langdale (langdalepl) wrote :

idovecer, are you using a usb 3 port? Older Samsung devices don't seem to like to be plugged into those.

Wolter Hellmund (wolterh) wrote :

I am using a usb 2 port and this happens to me, no solutions yet I suppose.

I have two machines that I upgraded to 13.04. One works, the other one has this problem. When I plug in the Samsung Galaxy Note (which used to work) I get about 100 of these:
Unable to open MTP device '[usb:003,021]'
(with #021 increasing for each one)

At the end, it repeats and starts over.

Following these instructions, I get about 50 popups but then it is connected successfully

Dan Christensen (jdc) wrote :

I get this popup every time I plug in my Samsung Galaxy SII to charge. I don't expect it to try to mount in this situation. To mount it, I select the "Connect USB storage" option on the phone, and then it automounts as a USB mass storage device. With 12.04, this pop-up didn't appear, so something has changed in 14.04.

WHK (yan-uniko-102) wrote :

Same problem in ubuntu 14 lts using samsung galaxy s4.

Same problem, ubuntu 14.04 gnome metacity samsung galaxy s2. Just want the message to not pop up. Mounting works fine through the "Connect USB storage" option on the phone.

Daryl Hughes (zorw2016) wrote :

Attempt retry on Kernel 3.16.0-31 which just been recently released

Jose Gómez (adler-dreamcoder) wrote :

Same issue with a Jiayu S2 phone and a Samsung Galaxy J5. If I leave either of the phones connected I can get 100 message boxes popping up. Thanks for the notification, I heard the first time. Funny thing is that the phone actually mounts and I can transfer files just fine, but the popups are annoying. Using Ubuntu 16.04.

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