Comment 2 for bug 1785629

Didier Roche (didrocks) wrote :

* -doc package: I think we should promote it as well in main, if the -dev is promoted. If so, this dep should be fixed: Depends: lynx | www-browser (first is lynx, in universe, www-browser is a virtual package not fullfiled?). In addition, it ships the doc in devhelp format (despite symlink from doc/ to gtk-doc/).
I don't think anyway that those are needed, we don't tend to have -doc dep on a browser implementation.
* Same remark than for the other MIR: let's look at enabling the testsuite during build + autopkgtests
* Same kind of lintian warnings than for gupnp-dlna worths fixing or override + comments IMHO (gir-missing-typelib-dependency and typelib-package-name-does-not-match)

- VCS could be updated in debian/control*

Pasting from gupnp-dlna:
I think some of the stuff should be addressed like test running before I give my +1. This part doesn't deal directly with the network, but as we are looking at the whole dlna stack, I will defer to the security team for a review from a security perspective. I didn't spot anything crazy in the code itself, but I prefer deferring to experts