Comment 58 for bug 621927

Dario Bertini (berdario) wrote :

if the problem is to avoid presenting this bug as a thing to be worked upon by the various developers team, i think there could be 3 different compromises:

1- (would require an enhancement in launchpad or to workaround this with a tag) set the bug-project combination of #621927 & vte as blocking for all the other projects
2- (since, to be certain that the bug depended only on vte, a fix had to be developed, this shouldn't be a problem) set the bug as fix commited also for all the other projects
3- set the bugs as confirmed, but ignore confirmed bugs in the workflow: only work on triaged bugs... since the bug can't be really fixed in tilda, guake, etc. in this case we could have reverted the state from "triaged" to "confirmed" (using as definition of triaged: "ready to be worked upon by the developer")

i realize that to enhance launchpad another bug (or blueprint) should be opened, but i'm writing this down also because it could be "simply" the way that you work to be improved

obviously, by definition, it's the way _you_ work, so at the end of the day it's only your decision that matters on how you decide to do these things