Comment 0 for bug 78661

Binary package hint: gtk2-engines-highcontrast

I am using ubuntu edgy, and I noticed while using the High Contrast Inverse theme and other black themes that the percentage have black text and are therefore invisible.

- I suggest that we make the progress bar text active instead when using high contrast mode, w/c changes color to the inverse of the color of it's background.

I have screenshots to prove this and I don't know if it affects other apps too, but I will post if I found out other apps that don't work well under High Contrast Inverse and other black themes.

Currently, I also found out these bugs after using a few black themes:
* Deluge and Tomboy won't change their text color from black after changing to a High Contrast theme if you don't log out.

* Nautilus text still uses black unless you change it in the gtkrc-2.0 file.

Please fix them. I love black themes and I know there are many other people who do so too, by fixing these we enable good black themes to sprout out of ubuntu and in the whole linux world in general.