Comment 11 for bug 1598316

Jeremy Bicha (jbicha) wrote :

@flocculant, had this bug been noticed before the SRU went out everywhere, it wouldn't have been released. I feel I was fairly proactive on this issue (I don't even use Xfce) pinging the original commit writer and the Debian maintainer and pushing a bit on some theme developers. And I release-noted the issue. I thought Xubuntu was aware of the issue but maybe I should have made sure of that.

At this point, the bug is "fixed" in yakkety in that the only distro theme I am aware of that is still affected is arc-theme (I just have to ping the maintainer of the arc-theme to backport the upstream commit, but arc-theme isn't packaged in Xenial.)

For Xenial, we can just backport the numix-gtk-theme patch to the shimmer-themes package and then this bug is fixed for all distro themes I believe. That is on my to-do list unless someone gets to it sooner. It took me longer than I expected to get numix-gtk-theme repackaged in Yakkety.

If you still think the murrine bugfix to be reverted, you can go ahead. It might not be necessary now though...