Comment 7 for bug 926889

Evan Broder (broder) wrote :

The commit message certainly leaves a lot to be desired. On the one hand, the commit is definitely fixing a bug in the reference tracking of the info struct, and it avoids storing pointers to the stack which are almost immediately invalidated. On the other hand, while I would expect either of those bugs to cause crashes, I don't see how either of those bugs could affect whether or not there's an extra reference to the GtkTreeModelSort - causing the crash that Olivier describes - but that may just be because of my weak understanding of the whole GtkTree* set of classes.

I'm personally not willing to sponsor this into the archive proper without a better sense of whether or not it will fix the bug at hand.

Olivier: Do you have a concise set of instructions on how to reproduce the bug using Bluefish?

For the time being, I'm going to upload the patch to my PPA ( If somebody can show me some evidence that this particular patch fixes this particular bug, I'd be happy to upload the change.