Comment 6 for bug 231538

apienk (andrzej-pienkowski) wrote :

I can confirm the problem persists in Intrepid. I have tested seeking in totem using libgstreamer 0.10.21-4 with MPEG2, AVI (xvid), FLV, and OGG (Theora) files, and got the following results:

mpeg2: Seek doesn't work as expected. When the slider is moved and then released, it jumps backwards. The length of the jump is progressively bigger towards the end of the file. For 50-minute mpeg film it is impossible to seek to the last 10 minutes, because when slider is moved to the far right the clock shows about 41 minutes! Seeking with keyboard also is unusable, and quite crazy. In play mode, using single keypresses (right arrow) advances my 50-minute film by decreasing leaps up to about timecode 04:37, and then the behaviour reverses - each keypress actually moves the film backwards. When I press and hold the key, it ultimately starts to seek forward, but never reaches the end, because at 00:30 minutes or so the slider just starts to jump wildly back and forth. In pause mode seeking works, but also stops at 00:41, unable to reach the final 10 minutes of the file.

avi: Seek works reliably, with a small backjump of 2-3 seconds.

flv: Seek works reliably, with a small backjump of 1-2 seconds.

ogg: Seek works reliably to the very second.