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Bug #1791200: grub-pc does not allow preseeding install_devices High Triaged 33 weeks

From: Sebastian Unger
Link: grub-pc.diff

patch against version 2.02-2ubuntu8.4 of grub-pc

Bug #1788940: armhf cloud image fails to boot kernel Undecided Triaged 34 weeks

From: dann frazier
Link: cosmic-backport.patch

Backport to Ubuntu/cosmic (doesn't work)

Bug #1780098: pvgrub "premature end of file" on new kernel Undecided Confirmed 41 weeks

From: Owen Dunn
Link: fix-invalid-payload-size


Bug #1780598: grub does not allow to specify recovery-only kernel options Wishlist Triaged 41 weeks

From: Yann Salmon
Link: 10_linux.patch


Bug #736743: environment block not implemented on btrfs Wishlist Triaged 51 weeks

From: Sami Näätänen
Link: grub_env_block_on_EFI.patch

Patch for /etc/grub.d/00_header

Bug #1273764: Grub ignores TIMEOUT options on /etc/default/grub Medium Triaged 55 weeks

From: Tony Beta Lambda
Link: quick_boot_fix.patch


Bug #1737604: 30_os_prober: LINUXPROBED embedded spaces in kernel parameters generates false menuentry's Undecided New 71 weeks

From: TJ
Link: 0001_mounted-40grub2_parse-grub-menu_avoid-delimiter-confusion.patch

parse_grub_menu - avoid delimiter confusion

Bug #1688424: grub-mkrelpath returns invalid zfs dataset -> initramfs: mount /root fails Undecided New 103 weeks

From: Jens Elkner
Link: grub-cfg.patch


Bug #1639209: GRUB fails to install during ZFS replace resilvers Undecided New 129 weeks

From: Richard Laager
Link: zfs-ignore-replacing.patch


Bug #1565071: ubuntuBSD support in update-grub Undecided New 160 weeks

From: Jon Boden
Link: grub2.diff


Bug #1553993: grub2 should ignore xen hypervisor EFI files when building menus Low New 163 weeks

From: Stefan Bader
Link: mkconfig_ignore_xen_efi.patch

Proposed change for Xenial

Bug #1250109: Please use dpkg-triggers for update-grub when installing or removing kernel packages Wishlist Triaged 176 weeks

From: Phillip Susi
Link: use-triggers.debdiff


Bug #1491894: lucid to precise to trusty upgrade may leave system unbootable High In Progress 189 weeks

From: Louis Bouchard
Link: lp1491894_fix_lucid_debconf_empty_v2.debdiff


Bug #1492886: cryptomount thinks locked device is: already mounted as cryptoX High In Progress 189 weeks

From: TJ
Link: cryptodisk_recognise_partitions.patch

Proposed fix

Bug #1475337: grub-probe can't probe large logical volumes (LVM) Undecided New 197 weeks

From: Rarylson Freitas
Link: lvm_big_size.patch


Bug #1429327: Boot from a unique, stable, multipath-dependent symlink High Triaged 206 weeks

From: Mauricio Faria de Oliveira
Link: partman-multipath_uuid-multipath.debdiff


Bug #1420584: "error: invalid segment." (with btrfs on LVM on LUKS) Medium Triaged 219 weeks

From: abandonedaccount
Link: stripesize_uninitialized_when_node_count_is_1.patch

stripe size was uninitialized when node_count is 1

Bug #1352367: Starfield theme is not displayed correctly Undecided Confirmed 246 weeks

From: Bruno Nova
Link: fix_black_text_starfield.patch

Fix black text on dark background in Starfield theme

Bug #1321335: Build failure when ZFS support is enabled Undecided Confirmed 257 weeks

From: RJVB
Link: patch-Makefile_util_def-for-zfs

patch for Makefile.util.def

Bug #1229738: grub doesn't boot with efi and md raid root High Triaged 291 weeks

From: Dick Porter
Link: grub-install.diff

Fix that works for me

Bug #1217933: update-grub fails to detect other md OS Undecided New 295 weeks

From: Paul Crawford
Link: detect-mdadm.diff

Update for os-prober to detect mdadm RAID

Bug #1093146: Enable crashkernel settings override from /etc/default/grub Undecided Confirmed 331 weeks

From: Peter Hurley
Link: 0001-Enable-crashkernel-settings-override-in-etc-default-.patch


Bug #1093140: Allow user to specify text colors in /etc/default/grub Wishlist Triaged 331 weeks

From: Peter Hurley
Link: 0001-Override-colors-from-etc-default-grub.patch


Bug #1055880: 30_os-prober does not add drivemap for Windows 7 Undecided Confirmed 343 weeks

From: Nathan Rennie-Waldock
Link: os-prober_windows_drivemap.patch


Bug #924622: [UEFI] GRUB 2 Blank Screen (no font) Undecided Confirmed 368 weeks

From: Andrew Gunnerson
Link: ubuntu_no_smooth_boot_on_efi.patch

Patch for Grub 2 1.99-21ubuntu2

Bug #604335: grub-pc.postinst script fails to detect virtio vda disk in KVM guest High Triaged 409 weeks

From: nutznboltz
Link: grub2_1.98-1ubuntu12.debdiff


Bug #538884: No appropriate method for modifying specfic menuentry Wishlist Triaged 438 weeks

From: Peter Hurley
Link: 10_linux


Bug #580408: Option 'No' at question 'Continue without installing GRUB?' does nothing. Forced to answer 'Yes'. High Triaged 460 weeks

From: Colin Watson
Link: 580408.patch

reduced patch, with 'diff -bu'

Bug #586814: custom (pgk) translations preempted by lang pack Wishlist Triaged 465 weeks

From: Kyle Nitzsche
Link: 985_prefer_locale_to_langpack.patch


Bug #492995: Howmany option from grub no longer available in grub2 Wishlist Triaged 472 weeks

From: sam fielder
Link: grub-mkconfig.patch


Bug #552575: convenient support for live CDs images in /boot Wishlist Triaged 473 weeks

From: Andrew Clausen
Link: 50_casper

put 50_casper in /etc/grub.d

Bug #549682: provide emergency path for when entire initscripts are broken Undecided New 474 weeks

From: Joshua
Link: grub2_10_linux.patch


Bug #428443: There should be a way to hide the menu in os-prober Undecided Confirmed 479 weeks

From: Gabe Gorelick
Link: os-prober.patch


Bug #499483: /etc/default/grub cannot disable use of UUID Undecided Confirmed 487 weeks

From: Eskild Jacobsen
Link: grub-mkconfig_lib.patch


Bug #469568: Grub2's chainloader cannot load extlinux (syslinux) High Triaged 494 weeks

From: gutschke
Link: grub2-chainloader.diff

Fix chainloader's reporting of partition information

Bug #463015: Both fat and ext[234] boot sectors present at once cause confusion Undecided New 495 weeks

From: Andrew Clausen
Link: new-patch


Bug #263944: Booting OS from SD card reader(through SDIO interface) Undecided New 555 weeks

From: Bruce Chang


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