Comment 52 for bug 761830

Jamie (twistyduck) wrote :

I am seeing this bug in 17.10. If I carry out a minimal install with no packages selected at the final stage, I see a blank screen on boot.

The first time I saw this I did a hard reset and was presented with a boot menu. I presume this is some sort of failsafe behaviour in the event of a failed boot. If I then selected Ubuntu from that menu, the boot succeeded and the LVM decrypt prompt was shown.

On a subsequent reboot, the previous behaviour of displaying a blank screen resumed. I then discovered that I could switch to a text based tty by pressing Alt+F1, this also displayed the LVM decrypt prompt.

From what I have read in this and other, linked, bugs I expected this behaviour to disappear once I had installed a X and a display manager, however after installing GNOME (apt install gdm3) the system still boots to a blank screen except (and I swear this is reproducible) I now have to press Alt+F2, then Alt+F1 twice before I get to a usable LVM decrypt prompt.

I am a Linux novice so apologies if my terminology is off or if this post is totally useless.