Comment 35 for bug 761830

I am able to reproduce this bug on Natty i386 Server by using VMware Easy Install (in VMware Workstation 7.1.4 build-385536 on a Natty amd64 host). When I install Natty i386 Server manually (as I had always done in the past) on the same virtual machine, this bug does not occur. I am not sure what it is about VMware Easy Install that is triggering this bug. The most obvious explanation would have seemed to be that VMware Tools triggers it, since VMware Tools is automatically installed as the final, post-boot step of VMware Easy Install, and it is only *after* that first boot that the system boots handing off to tty7 instead of tty1. However, manually installing VMware Tools on a manually installed system (i.e., a system not installed with VMware Easy Install) does not trigger the problem.

This bug seems to occur the same way in Oneiric (which was to be expected)--testing I did today on VMware virtual machines with identical hardware indicates that it seems to always happen on command-line only non-Server systems (I used the Oneiric i386 20110708 daily alternate CD), to typically not happen on Server systems (tested with the Oneiric Server i386 20110708 daily), but to happen on Server systems installed with VMware Easy Install (same installation media).

@Clifford Dhamanigi
To clarify, the reason it was very helpful for you to post here was not that it was uncertain if this bug affected *all* amd64 Server systems (it certainly doesn't), but because it was uncertain if it affected any Natty server systems **at all**. Clearly, it does, though it remains to be seen if, on Ubuntu Server, this bug is limited to systems installed with VMware Easy Install.