Comment 32 for bug 641259

Mark Eichin (eichin-gmail) wrote :

@migrax what you suggest isn't actually what we're doing - we're installing Lucid itself on a partition. Simpler things like booting a lucid live CD and just telling it to grub-install onto the maverick partition *don't* work (probably because some part of what that does actually comes from the target disk.)

When I tried this, none of the boot-from-memory-stick Maverick installs worked at all on the Vaio P (the Lucid ones worked fine, but the Maverick ones all failed to find the stick they were booted from) so I don't have a fast way of cycling through versions... otherwise, divide-and-conquer on the grub package history might be worth doing (and not actually need grub experience.) Hmm, maybe booting a Lucid stick and grub-install'ing the extra *lucid* partition might work, I'll give that a poke if this doesn't get anywhere...