Comment 143 for bug 441941

drgoplayer (tsuki190) wrote :

Grub2 problem with Adobe Software

This problem is more widely spread than HP recovery software or Dell.
I have been having the same symptoms trying to install Adobe software
on a dual boot system. I am currently running Lucid with Grub2 and
Windows XP. I believe the problem actually occurred earlier while running
Intrepid. I have also seen this Adobe problem mentioned in another forum.

Here is the situation: If I install Adobe -- for example Acrobat 7 or 8,
it is fine while in Windows. When I reboot Grub is gone. So far I am repairing
frequently with Supergrub, or just leaving Supergrub in the cd drive and booting
with it! Now any use of Acrobat in windows will destroy Grub, and I have
to use Supergrub to reboot.

I have discovered posts which indicate that Adobe software writes licensing
data to the MBR -- Flexnet. So this is comparable to the situation mentioned
with HP. Adobe modifies the MBR, and Grub2 won't boot.

Apparently Grub2 is too big or something. Since this problem is
affecting something as widely used as Adobe, I believe it is serious.
Many people only keep windows to run Photoshop, etc. I think we
can also expect that other software will also write to the MBR and
cause these problems.

I have yet to try the Burg solution listed here, but will try it next. So far
my main solution has been to install CS3 on a completely separate
hard drive, open the computer, and manually switch drives when I use
Adobe! A little awkward.