Comment 3 for bug 423412

Am Mittwoch, den 02.09.2009, 20:53 +0000 schrieb Roland Dreier:
> Public bug reported:
> Binary package hint: grub2
> I tried to install a system with today's Karmic amd64 alternate CD, and
> with / on LVM on RAID. This setup used to work with older Karmic alphas
> (and presumably older grub2), but with the latest grub2, the core.img
> ends up being > 33000 bytes, which is just a bit more than the 31744 (=
> 62*512) bytes of space available for embedding. So grub-install fails
> and the system is unbootable.
> The core.img that is built seems pretty minimal -- the raid, mdraid and
> lvm added in, which are all necessary AFAIK.
> Not sure what the right way to handle this is -- LVM on RAID seems
> pretty mainstream, and the code just needs to be shrunk < %10 for
> core.img to fit, so fixing this would be great if possible. On the
> other hand, being so close to the limit seems pretty fragile....

Which RAID? RAID 5 or RAID 6?
And wich filesystem?
Reiser3 is the biggest filesystem in GRUB 2.
That was always a problem with a too big core.img
ext3/ext4 should work.