Comment 36 for bug 391044

My laptop failed the reboot after today's upgrade to grub-pc 1.92~beta4-1ubuntu4.1. I have run 'dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc' as well as 'grub-install /dev/sda' and the problem persists. The workaound is to comment out the 'search --no-floppy' line in grub.cfg. This is a dual-boot arrangement with winxp on /dev/sda1 and karmic on /dev/sda5. Although this machine has had several generations of ubuntu installed, this was a 'clean' install of karmic over jaunty (not an upgrade) and to the best of my knowledge grub has only ever been installed on /dev/sda.

Anything I can do to avoid hand-editing grub.cfg after every grub update?