Comment 10 for bug 391044

For people affected by this bug, until we merge a newer version from Debian that does a better job of prompting you about it, you don't need to edit grub.cfg - just use grub-install to upgrade the boot loader to be able to cope with your configuration file.

Felix, is there any plan for stabilising this? I'm really not all that comfortable with running grub-install on every upgrade; we never did that in the past and it seems likely to be risky if we get the device name wrong. (Like it or not, we have plenty of Ubuntu users who want to install GRUB in a partition and chain-load it, rather than install it in the MBR, and they file very upset bug reports when we accidentally overwrite the boot loader they wanted to have in their MBR.) Can't we arrange to run grub-install only when there's some kind of interface break so that it's strictly necessary, and then try to keep those interface breaks to a minimum?