Comment 3 for bug 388135

> Acknowledged, but (a) it's best for bugs to refer to one issue and one
> issue only in order for them to be tractable by developers, (b) if all
> those bugs have been filed already there's really no need to file
> another bug about them. We're definitely aware of all these problems.

> > - OS X doesn't get detected
> This is a new one, though (at least as far as I'm aware). Can we narrow
> the scope of this bug to be about just this problem, please?

> It's probably an os-prober problem. Could you tell me, please:

> * which filesystem type is being used for OS X?
hfs+ (needs hfsprogs to mount I suppose)
> * does the file 'mach_kernel' exist in the root directory of the OS X filesystem?
yes, it does

> Thanks in advance.
Well, thank you and I'll of course provide you with further info as fast as possible.