Comment 5 for bug 386789

On Sun, Aug 30, 2009 at 02:26:21AM -0000, peter b wrote:
> the other day karmic alpha install attempted on diff partitions ;
> result, the two distros above experienced great problems at boot time
> (due to karmic boot upgrade - grub2 the default)

I hope you've filed separate bugs about these? We need to maintain
backward compatibility.

> - will karmic and presumably the releases that follow offer the user a
> choice at install time (boot upgrade/update) to leave the already
> installed and working grub legacy untouched and just create grub.conf
> for the new (to be installed) release ?

We won't be upgrading anyone automatically to GRUB 2 in Karmic; it'll
only be for fresh installs. We have yet to decide what to do for
subsequent releases.

I would appreciate it if every bug on grub2 didn't turn into a
philosophical discussion. :-) This bug is about a single technical
fault, not general upgrade matters.