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Bug #294763 reported by Matteo Croce on 2008-11-06
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grub2 (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

Binary package hint: grub-pc

Please pull the latest grub-pc package from Debian so it supports ext4

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Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :
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This bug was fixed in the package grub2 - 1.96+20080724-12ubuntu1

grub2 (1.96+20080724-12ubuntu1) jaunty; urgency=low

  * Merge from Debian Unstable (LP: #298872, LP: #256578).
    Remaining Ubuntu changes:
    + debian/control:
      - Depend on rather than Suggest os-prober; Ubuntu version does not
        suffer from the mount problem that prevents Debian from marking this
    + debian/default/grub
      - Adjust for default Ubuntu boot options.
      - Use new GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT option to set "quiet splash" for
        default items only. These options won't be set in single user mode.
    + debian/patches/03_ubuntu_grub_standards
      - Remove GNU/Linux from default string.
  * New upstream snapshot includes ext4 extents support (LP: #294763)
  * Debian patch 02_dpkg_version_comparison.diff fixes kernel ordering
    (LP: #215513)
  * debian/patches/04_uuids_and_abstraction_dont_play_along_nicely:
    + Drop. Ubuntu's mdadm and lvm properly populate /dev/disk/by-uuid, so
      this workaround is unnecessary.
  * debian/changelog:
    + Drop duplicated 1.96+20080203-1ubuntu2 and 1.96+20080203-1ubuntu1
      entries. We only really need them in there once!
  * Drop debian/patches/04_convert_root_uuid:
    - GRUB2 upstream now uses UUIDs when possible.

grub2 (1.96+20080724-12) unstable; urgency=high

  [ Updated translations ]
  * Italian (it.po) by Luca Monducci. (Closes: #504076)
  * Swedish (sv.po) by Martin Ågren. (Closes: #504207)
  * Arabic (ar.po) by Ossama Khayat. (Closes: #504254)
  * Portuguese (pt.po) by Miguel Figueiredo. (Closes: #504280)
  * Russian (ru.po) by Yuri Kozlov. (Closes: #504324)
  * Finnish (fi.po) by Esko Arajärvi. (Closes: #504310)
  * Basque (eu.po) by Piarres Beobide. (Closes: #504466)
  * Dutch (nl.po) by Paul Gevers. (Closes: #504683)

  [ Robert Millan ]
  * Update to new debian theme.
    - grub-pc.postinst: Switch to moreblue-orbit-grub.png.
    - grub.d/05_debian_theme: Likewise.

grub2 (1.96+20080724-11) unstable; urgency=high

  [ Felix Zielcke ]
  * patches/00_trailing_slash.diff: New patch to remove the trailing slash on
    grub prefix to avoid a double slash, which is a problem for JFS.
    (Closes: #500112)
  * patches/00_lvm_circular_metadata.diff: New patch to handle circular LVM
    metadata. (Closes: #462835, #502953)
  * Make grub-pc/linux_cmdline debconf template translatable. (Closes #503478).

  [ Robert Millan ]
  * Fix NULL dereference and failure paths in LVM. Thanks Guillem Jover.
    (Closes: #500482)
    - patches/11_lvm-Fix-possible-NULL-value-handling.diff
    - patches/12_lvm-Fix-error-recovery-by-only-adding-objects-when.diff

  [ Updated translations ]
  * Dutch (nl.po) by Paul Gevers. (Closes: #500514)
  * French (fr.po) by Christian Perrier. (Closes: #503708)
  * Georgian (ka.po) by Aiet Kolkhi. (Closes: #503715)
  * Czech (cs.po) by Miroslav Kure. (Closes: #503809)
  * German (de.po) by Helge Kreutzmann. (Closes: #503841)
  * Japanese (ja.po) by Hideki Yamane. (Closes: #503869)

grub2 (1.96+20080724-10) unstable; urgency=high

  * patches/03_disable_floppies.diff: Free .drive struct member when skipping
    floppy drives. (Closes...

Changed in grub2:
status: New → Fix Released
Marques Johansson (marques) wrote :

Either this is not complete, or it is not complete for extents. grub-pc (1.96-20080724-12ubuntu1) saw my ext4 partition and was able to "ls" it, but it said that my initrd image was invalid (or corrupt) and it couldn't read the grub.cfg file either. Actually, it gave a parser error about the grub.cfg file and showed a line of HTML as the error. It clearly read the wrong file or block in both cases.

After creating a new ext3 /boot partition and copying the old /boot files there (and rerunning grub-install), I was able to boot.

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