Comment 16 for bug 1889509

Marin Nedea (marin-n) wrote :

For Azure users (the same should work in any cloud, with small changes) that end up here while looking for this bug, the steps to recover are:

Deploy a recovery VM using AzCli or just attach a copy of the affected OS vm disk to a rescue VM.
Once done, connected to rescue VM and:

$ sudo su -
# mkdir /rescue
# mount /dev/sdc1 /rescue
# for fs in {proc,sys,tmp,dev}; do mount -o bind /$fs /rescue/$fs; done
# cd /rescue
# chroot /rescue
# lsblk <-- this will identify the attached disk, usualy /dev/sdc
# grub-install /dev/sdc
# exit
# cd /
# for fs in {proc,sys,tmp,dev}; do umount /rescue/$fs; done
# umount /rescue

Now you should be able to swap back the repaired disk to affected VM.