Comment 3 for bug 1878107

John Jacob (johnjacob10) wrote :

Hi Sebastien, thank you for looking at my bug report.

I have taken a video of the boot, and I am attaching it.

The video was taken immediately after entering the passphrase at the GRUB prompt. The prompt at the top left corner of the screen, says "Attempting to decrypt master key. Please enter passphrase for hd0,gpt1". Remember, I have /boot encrypted and I'm using GRUB's cryptomount as documented in the wiki at

I'm certain the password prompt is from GRUB, as if I enter the wrong password, I get dropped into a GRUB shell.

At the eight second mark, you can see the GRUB menu pop up. When I hit enter to select "Ubuntu", the menu disappears and the Dell logo comes back on the screen.