Comment 26 for bug 1848892

Also reported for ubuntu 19.10 with kernel 5.3.7

I could see no logs upon boot, only a purple screen that appeared to hang forever. Disabling TPM in BIOS had no effect on the issue, as tpm is a kernel module it is automatically loaded upon boot.

The trick is to enter the grub 2.04 console by pressing c, and then entering

`rmmod tpm` feel free to run it again to make sure the module has been removed. That should do it

Then boot in with ctrl+x or F10

This is just a workaround and not a permanent fix, the entire community expects this bug to be fixed ASAP as there is not solution for it besides removing the module manually on each boot, or recompilling your kernel with the removed module. None of which is a long-term solution

I hope this helps somebody