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mr calvin (mrcalvin) wrote :

Another similar bug report 1247933

Im my case I have had big issues installing "new" hard disks or even USB flash drives, which also have the equal hardcoded "ubuntu" bootloader-id, and as you then have several disk with the same ID you have problems booting. As a main rule you should be able to name your bootloader something rather unique for each installation so future HDD mix want cause boot problems. Calling them all the same is in my experience a bad practice.

I really this could be fixed/up-prioritized.

I know time is limited resource for everybody, but having an option "--bootloader-id" that actually doesn't work for how maaaaany years is really critisable. At least remove the option from the documentation if knowone plan to fix it in the near future. A lot a people might waste a lot of time, I did for sure!