Comment 7 for bug 1334793

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> I can confirm this issue.
> I have a S814 system running PowerVM and although the install completed, I
> boot loop on the "Calling ibm,client-architecture-support..." message.
> NOTE : I installed debian powerpc for a test - and also got this message -
> and the partition rebooted - but only once - then all proceeded as expected.

Just as an FYI, I was able to workaround the issue (temporarily until we find the fix) by using an internal version of grub (used for NIM installs). I netbooted my LPAR that was failing as above and used the on-disk conf file (well, copied it to my boot-server and used it as the netboot conf file). The system rebooted once for c-a-s negotiation, and then successfully booted to login prompt!

So, I believe the issue is in the grub shipped with Ubuntu. I did a quick test of setting an nvram variable at the OF prompt (ibm,fw-new-mem-def) to true, and then booting to grub, rebooting from the grub prompt and checking the variable again. It's value was now false. The Linux kernel negotiates this value to true, so I think that's why we end up in a c-a-s loop. Assigning over to Paulo for now.