Comment 30 for bug 8497

ed (eddyhkim) wrote :

I would like to add my experience here:
upgraded a running ubuntu 6.x to 7.04. This caused an unbootable system, so I reinstalled 7.04. I got an error 15 from grub. Problem was that the disk order was different depending on if I booted with the install CD or without the CD.
I have 3 disks:
1 - IDE /dev/hda my boot disk
2 - IDE /dev/hdc raid disk
3. SATA /dev/sda raid disk
4 IDE CDROM /dev/hdd

The order of the disk is correct when installing or booting through the CD. The first disk hd0 = hda. The order of the ide drives switches after the install, and I get a an error 15 from grub. At the grub shell, hd1 becomes hda and hd0 is hdc. The strange thing (for me) was if I boot off the CD, then choose the last option of booting from the hard drive, the boot succeeds, implying the CD may have something to do with this whole mess.

I've never had this problem before on this or other machines.

I was able to work around it by changing the menu.lst and changing all the references of (hd0,0) to (hd1,0) but it seems I have to remember to do this everytime an upgrade updates menu.lst.