Comment 22 for bug 185878

Colin Watson (cjwatson) wrote :

OS/2-User: Dude, I just fixed your bug. :-) It was not an installer issue, but a problem with grub itself. Without putting a lot of effort into archaeology, I don't know exactly why other systems didn't suffer from it, but perhaps they were using a slightly different patch set (GRUB Legacy is like this - every distribution ships quite significantly different versions of it, which is one reason why now we're trying to converge again on GRUB 2) or perhaps they just got lucky. There is no need to remove options from the installer since the grub bug is now *fixed*.

At any rate, could you stop having a go at me after I just spent several hours fixing this bug? I don't expect gratitude for doing my job, of course, and I realise it took much longer than it should have done for us to get round to fixing this, but you could at least be civil about it. Perhaps in future I will say nothing about my thought processes since it seems that the response to me being open about my progress over the course of today was just to be shouted at by you and zebul666; it makes me wonder why I bothered, frankly, if you're just going to harangue me for describing my progress on the fix.

I can't easily do very much about older releases, since the installer is already out the door and on physical media, but I've uploaded backports of this fix to; if those test out OK, we may at least be able to get this into Ubuntu 8.04.4 (8.04.3 is a bit too close to be able to get anything else substantial into it).