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Bug #1880855: grub-installer should mount efivarfs Undecided Confirmed 85 weeks

From: Olaf Seibert
Link: grub-installer.diff

Mount and unmount $ROOT/sys/firmware/efi/efivars

Bug #1325606: grub-installer fails on disks > 26th (restrictive shell pattern) Undecided Confirmed 398 weeks

From: Mauricio Faria de Oliveira
Link: grub-installer-26plus-disks.patch


Bug #1105289: Factory Installation w/ secure boot needs a force flag Undecided New 469 weeks

From: Mario Limonciello
Link: force_secure_boot.debdiff

precise patch

Bug #812503: grub-installer fails on machine with many disks Undecided Confirmed 548 weeks

From: Jacob Strauss
Link: grub-installer.manydisks.preseed.patch


Bug #630529: Installing from USB drive writes boot sector to USB not HDD High Triaged 589 weeks

From: Evan
Link: 630529.patch


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