Comment 13 for bug 964331

Jane Atkinson (irihapeti) wrote :

When I do a side-by-side install, it's immediately after an entire-drive install. The existing install is on /dev/vda1 and there's nothing else on the drive. (The drive is virtIO.)

The USB stick is /dev/sda. I'm not installing from the USB stick, by the way. I'm using an ISO file as CDROM. I had simply forgotten to remove the stick and then wondered why the VM didn't boot into the new install.

I noticed a similar thing when I was doing a manual install. Grub wanted to install on /dev/sda. In this instance, I was able to get it to use the correct drive manually.

My suspicion, for what it's worth, is that Ubiquity is using alphabetical order to find the drive to install Grub to. Though I don't know why it would default to the correct drive for the actual install, and then change its mind, so to speak, for Grub install.

Unfortunately, I don't have a spare machine to do a bare-metal install to see if it does the same thing there.