Comment 6 for bug 1354109

On 08/10/2014 12:42 AM, Duncan Lithgow wrote:
> I just check and there's nothing to stop you creating a family in GRAMPS in
> which both parts are of the same sex. The only part I can find which is a
> problem is that one part is referred to as the mother and one as the father.
> Duncan

Yes - thanks Duncan for mentioning that workaround. For 4.0.4, I found
if I wanted to add an existing person to a family of the "wrong" gender,
they cannot be added (they do not appear in the list). First you have to
edit the person to be the "correct" gender for a traditional family to
force them to appear in the list. Then afterwards you can change the
gender back to the "real" gender.

If you are entering "new" people into a family, you can easily add the
new person as a "male" wife, or a "female" husband.

But then as you say, one of the males will be listed as wife (if it is
an all male couple), and this will be the case in all generated reports.

One of the suggestions in the linked Gramps feature request bug is to
refer to the person as a "spouse" rather than "wife" or "husband" if it
is a same-sex marriage.