Comment 7 for bug 1320596

Ross Gammon (rosco2) wrote :

Recommend an SRU (Stable Release Update)


 This bug renders Gramps unusable for Genealogists because it is critical that you can save and edit notes whilst researching family trees. This is a very important function within Gramps.

 The patch is very small, and the bug is confirmed as fixed in the development release (Utopic):
diff --git a/gramps/gui/widgets/ b/gramps/gui/widgets/
18 index a1c92db..d303404 100644
19 --- a/gramps/gui/widgets/
20 +++ b/gramps/gui/widgets/
21 @@ -179,7 +179,8 @@ class StyledTextEditor(Gtk.TextView):
22 self.textbuffer = UndoableStyledBuffer()
23 self.textbuffer.connect('style-changed', self._on_buffer_style_changed)
24 self.textbuffer.connect('changed', self._on_buffer_changed)
25 - GObject.GObject.__init__(self, buffer=self.textbuffer)
26 + GObject.GObject.__init__(self)
27 + self.set_buffer(self.textbuffer)
29 st_cont = self.get_style_context()
30 col = st_cont.lookup_color('link_color')

The 4.0.3+dfsg-3 version in Utopic also contains a fix that re-enables the HTML view that is not working in the current Trusty verison. This is why a "sync" is better than just applying the same patch.

[Test Case]

Test Case 1 - Create a new note:
1. Create a new Empty Family Tree.
2. Goto "Notes" view using the left pane.
3. Click on "+" to add a new note.
4. Type something (e.g. "blabla") into the Text Field.
5. Click "OK".
> Instead of the note being saved, you get an error message "Cannot Save Note" and can only cancel the operation.

Test Case 2 - Edit an existing note:
1. Download the example file from:
2. From the "Family Tree" Menu, import the downloaded file.
2. Goto "Notes" view using the left pane.
3. Double-Click on one of the notes
> Instead of seeing the text you saw in the preview, the note text field is empty. Typing in text is futile, when you click "OK" there is no error message, but what you added to the note is not saved and is not present in the Note View preview, only the old text.

[Regression Potential]

 * There little risk of regression because the patches are minor, and the underlyng libraries have not had time to change since Trusty was released.

 * The fix has been tested upstream, in Debian, and in the Ubuntu Development Release (Utopic).

 * In the worst case, user data could be erased is something is wrong in this area of the code that has not been detected so far, but the users would probably prefer to have this fix anyway as they cannot really use Gramps as intended at the moment anyway.

[Other Info]

 * Nothing further to add.