Comment 5 for bug 997743

Hans Joachim Desserud (hjd) wrote :

First of all, sorry for the slow response.

>The "path" is: gradle -> libgradle-plugins-java -> libjetty-extra-java -> libtomcat6-java

That is interesting, and I'm not sure how I missed it. What I did when investigating this bug was:
1) Comparing the control files. I looked at the control files listing all build and install dependencies for gradle which in 1.4-2ubuntu1 no longer mentioned tomcat. Thus, gradle was no longer directly depending on tomcat.
2) I checked on a virtual machine the list of packages which would be installed by "sudo apt-get install gradle" for this version where I didn't find tomcat mentioned at all. (Either I missed it, or it was already installed on the system, sorry about that.)

I am not quite sure how to proceed with this bug. As mentioned in 1) gradle is no longer directly depending on tomcat. Though, due to the dependency on libjetty-extra-java we still run into the same problem. So any fix would likely need to be applied outside the gradle package. I will look into whether this should be reopened, whether a new bug should be filed against libjetty-extra-java or whether this should be marked as affecting both.

(Btw. I recently found that libjetty-extra-java has a bug report on migrating to tomcat7 in the Debian BTS, see for more info. In fact, it mentions gradle as one of the packages it causes problems for.)