Comment 23 for bug 910379

On 1/5/2012 4:05 PM, Curtis Gedak wrote:
> Phillip, are you able to bring this problem with blkid searching non-
> existent floppy drive to the attention of the right people?

I don't think it is considered a bug by anyone. If the bios claims you
have a floppy, then the kernel thinks you have a floppy. If you try to
access the floppy, the the kernel tries it's hardest to access it, even
though it keeps failing.

> In the past if I changed the label of a partition with GParted and then
> called blkid, I received the cached result which was the old label.
> That is why I used the "-c /dev/null" to force blkid to re-read the
> information.
> I have not tested to see if blkid still has this same behaviour.

Right, if you call it before udev has had a chance to run it to update
the cache, that would happen. If you are changing the label, why don't
you just update your cached label directly instead of querying blkid again?