Comment 21 for bug 617885

On 10/03/2010 05:23 PM, Luca Bruno wrote:
> Thanks Seth for drawing my attention on this.
> Firstly, I was not aware of this ubuntu patching, and I would suggest to refresh the patch with the "lucab/btrfs" branch, which is currently much healthier :)
> Regarding the buf/buf_btrfs issue, it's certainly my fault and it slopped through when Cedric adopted parts of the original patch.
> Regarding memcmp, it may sound safer to do so, but when writing btrfs discovery I just adopted previous checking style; I will ask Cedric about it.
> I'm now opening an upstream bug regarding both issues, in the meantime I
> believe you can safely integrate your patch.
Thanks for the heads up! And also thanks for coordinating with the
gparted devs